Rental Terms & Conditions

Renter: The person who rents the trailer from Cozy Camper Rentals Inc.
Owner: Cozy Camper Rentals Inc.

Reservation Deposit
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of rental reservation. Remaining balance due in full at time of pickup/delivery. Cash, Debit, Credit Card and E-transfers are acceptable methods of payment. An additional 3% will be added to the total amount for each credit card transaction. Cash and E-transfers may be completed by booking via telephone only. Cheques will not be accepted.

Damage Deposit
$300 is required at time of pick up/delivery & will be returned once the camper is returned clean & without any damage.

Sewage Disposal Fee
$250.00 FEE – Applied if the Renter does not empty sewage tank.

Campers are pet friendly.
$50.00 CLEANING FEE will be applied.

Campers are to be returned clean.
$100.00 FEE – Applied if violated.

Renter Responsibilities
Renter agrees that they are responsible for any and all bodily injury or property damage that may occur while camper is in their possession. Renter agrees to hold the owner absolutely harmless from any responsibility for any claim whatsoever during the time between pickup and drop off of the camper. The owner is not responsible for any damages or loss whatsoever to the contents of this camper. Owner is not liable in any case of theft or injury. Renter assumes all liability. This agreement may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the owner. Any damage which may occur other than normal wear and tear will be paid by the renter. In the event of disagreement between renter and owner as to the nature of damage, the owner’s selected camper repair facility will determine cause (willful or normal wear and tear). The camper must be returned clean free of debris or trash. This camper/unit may not be sublet or subleased to anyone at any time. By signing this agreement renter hereby releases the owner and/or any owner employed personnel or affiliates from any liability whatsoever to any damage done to any person, property or anything else while delivering, picking up, moving, or any other reason that owner may be upon the renters property, and any other property that the renter directs the owner to enter upon. Renter expressly releases owner from any liability. Renter assumes all liability for any and all damages done on renter’s property etc. Renter hereby agrees to indemnify owner for any claims of damage, injury, etc. Renter shall defend owner against any claims whatsoever.

Miscellaneous Equipment
Certain items of camper support equipment are provided with each rental to insure proper, safe and enjoyable hauling and use of the camper. The renter is responsible for the return of this equipment. Linens, utensils and dinnerware are NOT provided.

Rental Add Ons
Basket of Camping Dishes – Must be returned clean, $100 fee for any lost, damaged or unclean items.
Portable Grill – Must provide own propane. Must be returned clean. $150 fee if lost or damaged.
Ladder Golf – $50 fee if lost or damaged.
Horseshoes – $50 fee if lost or damaged.
Corn Hole – $50 fee if lost or damaged.
Standard Playpen – $150 if lost or damaged
Outdoor Octagon Playpen w/Canopy – $200 fee if lost or damaged.
Bumbo Chair w/Tray – $30 if lost or damaged.
Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair – $30 if lost or damaged.
Bouncy Chair – $100 if lost or damaged.
Portable Bassinette – $150 if lost or damaged.
Babybjorn Infant Carrier – $150 if lost or damaged.
Evenflo Stroller – $250 if lost or damaged
2-3 Person Pop Up Beach Tent – $50 if lost or damaged
Portable High Chair – $100 if lost or damaged

Camper Repairs
All campers are well maintained and should provide trouble free use during the rental period. In the event of failure or breakage of any camper component while underway, the renter is responsible for having the camper repaired if necessary. A qualified camper repair shop in the area should perform all repairs. All such repairs require prior authorization by the owner via telephone. Any and all resulting repair costs, including tailoring/towing to the repair facility are the sole responsibility of the renter unless agreed in advance by the owner.

Toll Roads
It is the responsibility of the Renter to pay any toll charges that are incurred during the rental period.

Pick Up / Return Times
Campers will be available for pick up by appointment only on first day of the rental period. Campers are to be returned to Cozy Camper Rentals Inc. no later than 4:30 pm on the last day of the rental period and renter must notify the owner by telephone 2 hours prior to drop off time.

Additional Days
In the event that the renter is not able to return the camper as scheduled, the renter is required to notify the owner by telephone. An additional fee of $100/day will be applied.

If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid it shall not affect any other part of this agreement.

By proceeding with reservation and purchase, you agree to be bound by these terms.