Tie-Dye Fun

Tye Dye Fun

Campgrounds are great at having fun activities throughout the day for kids but I always like to plan an activity or craft for the kids to do while we are camping too! Tie Dying is always a hit with my littles! Its a way for the kids to get creative & make a mess, without having a whole lot of clean up! Even better they end up with a keepsake from that camping trip!

Tye Dye Kit

I pick up this great Tie Dye Kit from Michaels (Walmart carries them also!) for around $30. It has everything you need; elastics, colourful dyes (in ready to use/just add water bottles), gloves & instructions on different design ideas.

While I’m picking the Tie-Dye up at Michaels I also pick up some light solid colour shirts, bandanas, headbands & hats.

To start, I usually use a plastic table cloth to cover the picnic table. It makes for an easy clean up!

I then get the bottles of dye prepared & set everything out ready to go before I round up the kids & the chaos ensues. 😉

This is where I stand back & let the kids be creative, & help when asked/needed.

Once the kids are done I put their creations in separate large ziploc bags & seal.

After a few hours, I put on a pair of trusty gloves, remove any elastics used, rinse the creations until the water runs clear, & hang on the line to dry.

Once dry, have the kids put on a fashion show full of their creations!

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